Building Trust

Quick turnaround, reliable results and the quality system will be a substantial competitive advantage for your company. 

TAM´s ability to provide added value to our customers is based on organizing multiple talents into a focused set of technological capabilities. With more than 5000 tests per year, TAM provides services and, whatever our client´s discipline, one certain thing is: When a sample is sent to TAM, you can be fully confident in the results, because you are working with a company known in the market for being meticulous.

We provide our clients with up-to-minute information on the sample status through the in-house laboratory information management software. The need for a quick responsiveness is something understood by everyone in the company. Turnaround time has been improved without sacrificing quality.

Dedicated to a continuous improvement philosophy, TAM is constantly seeking out new methods and technologies to perform our service in a better, quicker and more cost-effective way