Response time,
reliability and quality

  • 600 kN electromechanic and hydraulic equipment for tensile and compression tests
  • 300 J Charpy pendulum
  • Universal hardness testers with load capacity between 10 and 187,5 kP compatible with Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell dents
  • High resolution optical microscopy equipment up to 500 X
  • Isothermic accuracy baths with criogenic capacity up to -80º C
  • Optical emission spectrometers with basis for steels and nikel base alloys analysis, laboratoy and in-field
  • Analysis imaging software
  • Portable chemical analisys equipment (X-ray fluorescence)
  • Elemental nitrogen and oxygen analyzer (fusion gas)
  • Furnace for simulated thermic treatment up to 1200º C for big dimensions samples
  • Metrology, temperature control, samples preparation and control equipment which assure our results’ quality (calipers, micrometers, ferritometers, patron blocks sets, grinding and polishing machines, software, thermometric probes, endoscopies, precision scale weights, profiles beamer, etc.)